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And then uh, I remember Cole did it, when did he do it? And then meanwhile I'm supposed to be going to school and getting good grades and shit But I'm seeing like, domestic violence in my house And just, so much going on And I'm sure everybody was probably like, 'Damn, yo' 'Why little Bobby didn't come to school today? To pay they bills or they lawyer fees huh I learned something, I ain't giving y'all a dime I'll give you something worth more—that's my time I ain't dropping stacks, I'm dropping knowledge Unless it's for my nieces and nephews to go to college And hit me on the phone, hit me up Like, 'Uncle Bob, where you at? Yeah, I know your pockets fat but I don't give a fuck 'bout that I'm glad we family' uh We a half-breed family, yeah, yeah, uh Man, see, I remember when I was like fifteen years old And my dad took me to the studio I know this is random, I'm tryna take you guys through it, right?
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Last Call Lyrics Logic( Sir Robert Bryson Hall II ) ※

It's a fantasy every night I'm falling away but it's not waking me up. This should be over it makes me sick am I dreaming, am I living yet? It doesn't seem to be okay oh i'll find yeah i'll find another way. It just feels like I don't know you, underneath the fucking truth. You convinced me that i was wrong, thanks to you now I am twice as strong. Tell me why, tell me why, you didn't understand who i am, who i am.
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Rad, dude. What's up man? Fuckin, you fired up? You fucking jacked or what? Dude, I'm fired up man.
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In a time when technology dictates pretty much everything we do, we all need some time to put our mobile phones down, gather around with family and friends, and play a game where we can laugh, be competitive and have some good, old fun. As the name suggests, the goal of the players in this game is to get the dealer drunk by guessing the value of the top card on the top of the deck. Each player has two attempts at guessing the value correctly and he can be given a third chance depending on the rules set before the game. All you need to play Fuck the Dealer Drinking Game is a deck of playing cards, your alcoholic drink of choice and players ready to have some good fun and well, get drunk.
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